Foundation 1 Expectations

What do FY1s think at the end?

• Very intimidated initially but I grew in confidence

• So much to do, patients always getting moved

• No way to know if I was right or managed them ok; need feedback

• So many patients / so few staff

• Assessments seemed a pain but I have proven competence to be able to demonstrate I can do it

• Scary at first, but steep learning curve

• Definitely more confident towards the end of year

It is tough!

• Always make it clear to everyone that you are an FY1 so they know you will need a bit more help

• Have a good chat to your Educational Supervisor early in the post & at regular intervals (at least twice in the post). Tell them about areas where you lack confidence

• You rarely have a full clinical team around you (shifts / leave / sickness / clinics) but make good use of them whilst there – rounds, supervision / teaching of tricky procedures / tasks, coffee

So how can you make it easier?

• Good handover - set up what you can e.g. blood tests then have confidence in colleagues to carry on your good work

• When asking for help use SBAR to give all the info the Senior or Consultant needs

• When you are asked for help try & get the SBAR type info (e.g. from nurses) to allow you to assess urgency and prioritise your tasks

• When you go home / out / gym / pub / to bed, do try & leave it all behind

• If you have a bad day, talk to someone. There is a useful resources that you can use to help. 


• Situation; e.g. I am FY1 on X ward & calling about patient Y / I am concerned because….

• Background; Patient is in for X operation / Y condition, normally ….., has changed in past … minutes / hours / days to …….

• Assessment; I think the problem is…. I have done…..(e.g. O2 / analgesia) Or: I am not sure what problem is but patient is deteriorating

• Recommendation; Would you please e.g. come & see them, advise me on…. / consider transfer (e.g. to ITU)



• Mixture of Curriculum topics

• 1-2 pm every Wednesday in CSB (room varies), bring lunch if you need to

• Face to face attendance is mandatory if you are un post at UHCW unless you are on leave of any kind - including ‘days off after’. If you are on the ‘on take’ team & busy with sick patients that no–one else can take over, don’t leave them to die!

• Let the Post Graduate Team know by email / phone 02476 968747 Ext 28747 if you are unable to make it

• 60 hours teaching attendance is required to progress to FY2


• You will be unable to prescribe medicine without passing your PSA

• Successful PSA certificate is required to progress to FY2

A day in the life of a Geriatrics SHO:

Geriatrics SHO.pdf

Urology Weekend shift 

Urology FY1.pdf

Vascular Surgery booklet

Post Graduate Doctor Handbook Vascular Surgery.pdf

PSA Support: 

PSA Tips for Success.ppt

PSA Introduction to the exam.ppt

PSA Revision Session.ppt