FY2 Expectations

What you need to know....

How you feel at the start of FY2

• Intimidated at the prospect of being the Doctor that others might now be turning to for guidance - i.e being the senior Doctor in the area/on the ward. No longer having the safety net of being 'just an FY1'

•More aware of what I would like to do differently this year versus the previous, or feeling more able to take on more responsibility outside of day job

• Better awareness of Horus and getting on top of your portfolio requirements early on

• Still unsure of next steps in career - so much to choose from and applications open early on in the year (October & November)

What do FY2s think at the end

• Everyone underestimates how much they've learned over the previous year as an FY1, and how much you do retain from all those years at Medical School

•You are frequently exposed to new information or different ways of doing things which can make it feel like you therefore 'don't know anything' but that's the reality of practising medicine and it doesn't negate everything you do already know. Think of your friends and colleagues and what you would say to them if they expressed concerns around incompetence to you!

•Increased confidence in own ability

•More comfortable raising concerns or asking questions to team/seniors

•Wanting to make more use of opportunities for taster days

So how can you make it easier?

• Don't be afraid to ask questions - this is still your time to be learning and developing as a doctor

• Make sure you attend teaching and take your SDT. Use the exception reporting system if you're not able to for any reason and if you have any issues your reps and tutors are there to help

• Try to take the opportunity to teach juniors and students - it's a good experience for you and them having just been through it yourself, and more formal sessions are an opportunity for you to consolidate information

•Leave work at the door. Ensure a good handover before you leave but then make sure you shut off from your work until you next have to go in. You can't show up as your best self if you aren't looking after yourself well

• If you have a bad day, talk to someone. There is a useful resources section you can use for help


Situation; e.g. I am FY2 on X ward & calling about patient Y / I am concerned because….

Background; Patient is in for X operation / Y condition, normally ….., has changed in past … minutes / hours / days to …….

Assessment; I think the problem is…. I have done…..(e.g. O2 / analgesia) Or: I am not sure what problem is but patient is deteriorating

Recommendation; Would you please e.g. come & see them, advise me on…. / consider transfer (e.g. to ITU)



• Mixture of Curriculum topics

• 2-4pm every Thursday in CSB (room varies)

• Face to face attendance is mandatory if you are in post at UHCW unless you are on leave of any kind - including ‘days off after’. If you are on the ‘on take’ team & busy with sick patients that no–one else can take over, don’t leave them to die!

• Let the Post Graduate Team know by email PGSupport@uhcw.nhs.uk / phone 02476 968747 Ext 28747 if you are unable to make it

• 60 hours teaching attendance is required to complete FY2