Simulation Centre Control Room

Where the magic happens!

A central control room which enables the simulation operators to monitor and control the patient manikin and state of the art audio visual system during the scenario. Microphones allow the operators to speak through the manikin to interact in real time with the learners or emit sounds through the ‘Voice of God’ into the room itself (ie: Trauma Alert calls/ Medical Emergency). The microphones also enable the operators to converse to the confederate in the Clinical room through a worn earpiece.

The control room also contains a large one way viewing window through to the simulated operating room/ clinical area

The High definition audio visual system enables live viewing via the Visual Display Unit in the Debrief room and is capable of recording scenarios

Speakers convey all the captured audio but if required wireless lapel microphones can be provided for participants or to enhance the sound in the room

A live telephone system allows learners within the clinical room to call a relevant expert or ‘switchboard’ within the control room. The system also allows the simulation of calls to different clinical areas or for simulated ‘2222’ calls to be made. Both sides of these calls can be captured as part of the audio feed to the debrief room