Mr Soumya Mukherjee
Consultant Neurosurgeon and Course Director
Mr Fahid Rasul

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Course Director

The course is aimed at the ST3 trainees selected through
Neurosurgery National Selection Process and is part of ST3 Curriculum

The approaches covered are:
Cranial: Bifrontal, Pterional (Trauma flap), Parasagittal, Occipital cradiotomies and posterior fossa approach.

Spinal: Anterior Cervical approach (ACDF), Posterior Cervical approaches (laminectomy and foraminotomy) and Posterior Lumbar approaches

(Micro-discectomy and laminectomy).

Aim of the BOOT CAMP:
a) Simulation training in consenting and positioning for Cranial and spinal approaches appropriate for ST3 trainees
We use mannequins/actors for positioning simulation.

b) Lectures on Regional Anatomy for these approaches.

c) Simulating Operative experience on cadavers
Neuro-navigation for cranial approaches and image intensifiers for spinal approaches will be used to create near real life experience.

ST3 with a National Training Number (NTN) only

Accommodation: You can book accommodation using the links provided through this website.
The accommodation is not covered in the course fee

If you wish to discuss any aspect, please contact:

Rachel Davies on email: courses@mededcoventry.com